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Horse serum

Horse serum
  • Horse serum
  • Horse serum
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Brand:ООО "Биолот"

Blood serum of a horse normal for cultivation of mycoplasmas on mediums liquid represents the native serum received from blood of horses aged till three years by coagulation, centrifuging and the sterilizing filtering through system of membrane filters with a final size of time no more than 0,22 microns. Serum sterile, does not contain preservatives.

The raw materials used for serum production are received from the farms which were not registering activators, dangerous to the person, and including prionovy diseases.

Blood serum of a horse normal for cultivation of mycoplasmas on mediums liquid – transparent liquid of yellowish-orange color. At storage discoloration to brownish, emergence of opalescence, the opacification and a finely divided deposit breaking during the stirring, pH from 7,0 to 8,5 is allowed.


Horse serum is intended for use as a rostostimuliruyeyushchy component of mediums for cultivation of mycoplasmas. In addition, serum is checked for toxigenicity and can be used for bacteriological works. It is applied in treatment-and-prophylactic, sanitary and preventive and research establishments.


Serum is added to mediums in number of 15-20% of environment volume. In work the nadosadochny layer of the settled serum is used.


On 100, 200 ml in bottles polymeric, hermetically corked.


Period of validity – 1 year at a temperature from 2 to 8 °C or 2 years at a temperature from minus 10 to minus 20 °C. Serum is not subject to expired use.

Brand:ООО "Биолот"
Information is up-to-date: 12.02.2018

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